Pain free living is possible for everyone

You want your body to perform at it’s best but you are experiencing pain or feel you could achieve more. Dr. Sarah Rainey is a mobile physical therapist who can analyze your movements and help you correct your actions so you can avoid injury and do your favorite activities without pain. Make an appointment now so you can improve your game, maintain your physical ability or avoid an injury that could change your life forever.

What is holding you back from being 100%?

Pain?? Weakness??

We help weekend warriors, cross fitters, and athletes get to the root of their road blocks to improve sports performance, speed, strength and prevent injury.

Uncover what is holding you back. Email Dr. Rainey and get started today.

FMS / YBT – Move2Perform

lifting kettle bells

We use 2 extremely useful tools to screen athletes and fitness clients: the YBT and FMS. Together these are part of an algorithm Move2Perform.  Move2Perform is a movement measurement and analysis tool that identifies deficits and risk of injury. Move2Perform has been studied with overwhelmingly positive results – it has been adopted by the US military and professional sports teams internationally. This is the only system validated in peer-reviewed literature.


  • Provides evidenced based care
  • Clear decision for return to sport/work/activity
  •  Prevent sport injuries using a validated injury prediction algorithm
  • Decreased injury rates – provide pre-participation and wellness screens
  • Objective reports for clients, fitness professional, coaches

Certified Wellness and Nutrition Coach

  • This can be an add on service with PT and address all aspect of wellness, health and movement
  • OR you can just work with me as a wellness/nutrition coach to address health, vitality, and well-being
  • Wellness/nutrition coaching is a great option to improve health and prevent disease – including weight loss, fitness, nutrition, stress coping, sleep, mind-body and positive psychology interventions.

What is the Invigorating Motion Difference?

  • 1 hour with the doctor of physical therapy
  • Same clinician at each visit
  • Patient driven goals
  • Discharged when you are ready to return to sport/work or back to favorite activities
  • We offer clinic visits in Waverly and Lincoln or concierge service