“From the very first day I came home from the hospital, Sarah was there every step of the way. Not having any family or friends to help me, she went over and beyond her duties. She had answers to all my questions and guided me every step of the way. She even took care of my return to work paperwork.

I will never forget her kindness and I will hire her the next time I need physical therapy. I plan to tell everyone else who needs help about her. I just can’t say enough good things about Dr. Sarah.”


“Tendinitis has been plaguing me off and on for the past couple of years. It has been keeping me from completing pull-ups and heavier oly lifts. Dr. Rainey completed dry-needling on me and I could tell a difference the next day. I have resumed my pull-ups and lifting I was doing as before. I anticipate using dry-needling on other problem areas and I recommend Invigorating Motion PT to athletes or anyone suffering from pain.”


“I contacted Dr. Rainey after months of shoulder pain. She took the time to listened and helped explain to me what she saw and what we need to work on. I love doing CrossFit and she was able to provide therapy for my shoulder while I still continued classes. She is a vary caring and has amazing bed side manner. It’s also super helpful she can come to my house for PT as I run a daycare. Dr. Rainey also suggested dry needling to my should and I noticed unbelievable results the day after. She is super easy to get along with and makes the sessions fun. Thanks lady for all your help!”


“I am a physical therapist and a ballet dancer and I have been dealing with some persistent hip pain for about 9 months – it was impacting my dancing. Unable to examine/diagnose myself, I set up a time with Dr. Rainey to evaluate my hip. She was extremely thorough and took the time to learn about the physical demands of my dancing (and observe me in some of the movements/positions) so she could best guide me. She clearly explained what was going on and how to rehab my particular impairment. As a fellow PT, I am really impressed with her level of care and absolutely recommend her to anyone dealing with an injury, ache, or pain. Don’t be like me and wait 9 months to book your visit!”


“I had knee and ankle surgery in November of 2021. While the surgery went as planned I still had pain and limited range of motion at 8 months post surgery. I followed all of the post surgery therapy recommendations with three months of PT at a different PT clinic. I reached out to Dr. Rainey after watching some of her videos. I am happy to say after only seeing her for a month my pain has reduced and I am gaining range of motion with each mobility and strength session that she has programmed for me to do at home. The nice thing about Dr. Rainey is she comes to you. She comes to where I work for in-person appointments so I don’t have to miss work or use PTO for appointments. I highly recommend Invigorating Motion for any physical therapy needs


My daughter is a competitive gymnast and hurt her back. No one could figure out exactly what was wrong but Sarah came in and was able to get her to a place to be competition ready. She also helped with the new injuries that just keep coming. She’s so knowledgeable, personable and really cares about her patients.